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Like it or not, you are a negotiator


Too few professionals master an advanced set of skills in principled negotiation, empathy, and leadership. We of LCM Student Association want to change that by teaching our students how to negotiate integratively and ethically.

Throughout several workshops and case sessions, we elaborate thoroughly on each aspect of these competences. In this way, we can deliver competent and distinguished negotiators with excellent communication skills, who will make the difference in any professional career.

LCM Student Association is a non-profit, interfaculty student organization affiliated with the Leuven Center of Collaborative Management (LCM) and the faculties of Psychology and Law at KU Leuven.

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LCM SA is convinced that to become a good negotiator, theoretical knowledge does not suffice. Negotiation skills require practice. During our workshops, we analyze the key elements of negotiation and use these in cases.

These workshops are exclusive to our members: every year 36 students are carefully selected based on their motivation and potential to become excellent negotiators. Each workshop consists of an introduction to the topic and is then followed by practical cases. Our experienced team provides personal and valuable feedback.

To provide the optimal learning opportunity, we try to cover a maximum of diverse topics. Our members and alumni also get the opportunity to compete in a variety of business and mediation competitions.


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The workshops consist of a theoretical and practical introduction in the art of negotiation, an overview of the psychology behind a negotiation, an introduction to mediation, and the advanced topic of difficult tactics. 

For new members, we offer the Negotiation Track. Each year, 36 students get the opportunity to develop into great negotiators through a range of workshops spanning two semesters. Weekly workshops, two members weekends, and special events make this track unforgettable. Upon completion, the members are awarded certificates, as they dispose of all required negotiation tools.

The Competition Track is open to the members of previous years' Negotiation Track. With thorough preparation we send our delegated team to international mediation and negotiation competitions. Our teams have often realized multiple impressive results!

In collaboration with Capitant, we offer the Business Games Track. Students are taught the required skills to achieve top finishes in business games. As the Negotiation Challenge is often included, our expertise can make the difference.

Lastly, we host an open lecture about a negotiation-related topic, at the end of each academic year. Renowned speakers in different niches present their challenges and successes. These have included:
  • High-risk Negotiations: hostage negotiation and negotiation on the battlefield, (lecturers not to be disclosed)
  • Backroom Negotiations, facilitated by Baron Frans van Daele.
  • Negotiating as a global market leader, facilitated by Hein Deprez, CEO of Greenyard Foods

LCM SA and beyond

LCM SA firmly believes in the wider benefit of increasing students’ negotiation skills and knowledge. Via its Facebook and LinkedIn pages, as well as its Newsroom, LCM SA tries to expand its reach well beyond its members. From posting Monday Negotiation Tips to writing more profound articles, LCM SA strives to gather all those with an interest in negotiation and feed their hunger for negotiation knowledge.