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Recruitment and Program Policy

LCM Student Association is an interfaculty student organization. This means that our central purpose is bringing students together who are passionate about and devoted to our negotiation project, no matter what they study. Each year we accept 36 students to join our Negotiation Track.

We do not take into account your grades, your internships or how long your Curriculum Vitae is. In the art of negotiation, every student is to be treated equally. The only challenge is for you to convince us of your dedication and persistence in becoming a skilled negotiator. Your enthusiasm and drive to master all aspects of principled negotiation, empathy and leadership is the only criterium we evaluate.

We provide high-quality workshops and an esteemed program, including individual feedback and personal coaching. In return we expect a high commitment form all members. As a consequence, we wield a severe attendance and prepartion policy to maximize the invested dedication of everyone involved. If you fail to attend our workshops without proving illness, a conflict of interest due to personal matters or force majeure, we can no longer guarantee that you indeed master our negotiation theory and practice. In such cases, necessary measurements will be taken.

It is our intention to prevent students from chosing too impulsively for our organization. We are extremely passionate about what we do and that requires persistence in learning and eagerness to keep improving. And most of all: have as much fun as possible on the go!

How to apply?

First round 

Upload your motivation letter (no CV, no photo). Please use the following format for your letter: Verdana, font size 10 with a 1.5 line spacing. Upload your letter in PDF-format. You can mention everything that could help convince us of your desire to improve on your negotiation skills.

Second round

Blow us away during your in-take interview. You will be able to book a time slot for this interview. But remember to be fast, we operate using the first come, first served principle! Please make sure that you keep a moment available in your agenda.

Third round

Enjoy a year-long experience that will last you a lifetime!

And don’t forget that good preparation is the key to success …