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Application procedure: FAQ

When is the application deadline? 

The application deadline is September 20th at 23:59 for those who pre-register.

Can I write my motivation letter in English?

Yes. You can write your motivation letter both in English and in Dutch.

Does my application letter has to comply with a certain formalities?

Yes, to ensure that each application is tantamount. Your one-pager (literally, one page) has to be drawn up in Verdana, point 10, with 1,5 interline. It needs to be submitted in a PDF-format. Do not include your CV or a profile picture.

Do I need to apply before attending the Info Event? Can I only apply when I have attended the Info Event?

No, that is not a prerequisite. The Info Event is an opportunity for you to ask questions and gather information.

What can I expect from LCM SA and what is expected from me? 

LCM SA offers you a combination of theoretical and ‘hands-on’ seminars and activities that give you the opportunity to discover the world of negotiating in a multi-disciplinary student group. In return, we expect that our members show a certain commitment by attending all the sessions of their track, in order to receiver their certificate at the end of the year.

When and where will the activities typically take place?

Most of our activities take place between 20h and 23h on weekdays in Leuven.

I am on an Erasmus exchange during the first or second semester. Can I still apply for a half a year?
Our program is based on a year-long membership. It is not possible to apply for only half a year. We do not accept students who are studying abroad for one semester, nor can we accept students who are visiting Leuven for only one semester.

What do you understand by reading mandatory literature as a preparation?

We expect you to read about one or two chapters on a specific topic on negotiation for each workshop. Those readings will take up to two hours maximum.

What is the working language of LCM SA?

All of our workshops and other activities are in Dutch, so being able to understand and speak Dutch is a must.

I am a student, but not from a KU Leuven faculty. Can I still become a member?

Being a KU Leuven student is not a prerequisite for becoming a member. What we do deem important, is that your schedule/the place where you live does not hamper your commitment.

Diversity is a core value of LCM SA; how is this reflected in the application procedure? 

We are convinced that learning about negotiation from different perspectives creates a lot of added value. We are curious to hear how your specific profile (e.g. your study background, your experience (abroad), past internships or summer schools, …) enriches our organization, without making it a criterium of its own or following quota, of course.

Is there an age requirement to become a member of LCM SA? 

The only requirement is that you should at least be in the second year of your bachelor’s.

I have a question concerning LCM SA that is not listed in this FAQ. How can I reach you?

You can ask questions by sending an email to or by sending a message to our Facebook page.