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Like it or not, you are a negotiator

Meet our team

During the past few weeks, the brand-new LCM SA board has been busy. They aspire to bring the soon to be new members another great year of negotiation and overall engaging activities. Our goal is to teach our students how to negotiate integratively and ethically. Each board member is responsible for a specific domain within LCM SA. This encourages peer-to-peer management and leadership. Therefore, we are very pleased to introduce you to this very diverse team of ten enthusiastic and ambitious students who are working really hard on managing LCM SA and its values! We allow for everyone to elucidate what motivates them to be part of LCM SA.

Meet the board

Rhunne Janssens

Rhunne is a Master in Laws student at KU Leuven. While being part of the recruitment team for 2 years and responsible as a director for HR last year, she earned very valuable hands-on experience. Upcoming academic year will be the 4th year that Rhunne joins the LCM SA team. With the experience she earned over the past 4 years, she will try to do an excellent job as the president of LCM SA.

Arto Vera

Arto is a master student in Business Engineering at KULeuven. Based on the experience he has built over the years; he will organize and be responsible for the Negotiation Track this year.

Arnold De Maeyer

Arnold is studying a master in Business Engineering at KU Leuven. He will continue to take on the responsibility for our finance and will keep working on an even better LCM SA.

Katrien Nys

As a public relations director, I try to find sponsors who want to fund our organization. This allows LCM SA to grow, to reach even more students and to offer our members different experiences. However, my work for LCM SA is more than looking for budget, it is also about maintaining a good relationship with all possible stakeholders.

Caroline Vandeput & Marie-Judith Vanden Kerchove

Caroline and Marie-Judith are master students in Law at KULeuven. As a duo, they will coordinate the Events and maintain the relations with LCM SA’s Alumni.

Stéphanie Bax

Stéphanie is a master Law student at KULeuven and will be the director of Competitions this year. She is responsible for the participation in international negotiation and mediation competitions.

John Heymans

John is studying Bioscience Engineering at the KULeuven and has founded CIVIX, which makes him just the right guy to be responsible for Collaborations.

Matthias Koopmans & Stef Praet

Matthias and Stef are both students at the faculty of Law at KU Leuven. Last year, they were both members at LCM SA themselves so they know firsthand what it means to be part of LCM SA. This year, they are driven to excel in their role as HR consultants.

Laurien Sprengers & Julie Hooft

Laurien and Julie are two Master students in Law studying at the KULeuven. After being a member of the LCM SA Negotiation track and Laurien’s year as project manager, they are eager to be part of the direction board and excited to show the world how LCM SA works.

Meet the project managers

Gaya Mooens & Leonie Van Gerven

Gaya is a master industrial- and organizational psychologist student. She will coach our team in international mediation competitions, representing not only LCM SA, but also KU Leuven and our country.

Léonie is an enthusiastic communications student with a heart for music and theatre, as a project manager she will support the Negotiation Track and assist the HR team.