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BOARD 2023-2024

“Like it or not you’re a negotiator, so you’d better be good at it…”


This core principle of LCMSA puzzled me two years ago and the more I think about it, the more I truly believe it. Negotiations take place all around us: in professional situations such as business meetings, settlement discussions, hostage negotiations but also in private situations like family discussions, deciding where to go on vacation with friends or where to eat with a significant other. We are negotiating daily in most of our interactions with others. 


I have found the skills I learned and practised during the Negotiation Track of great help to improve the quality of those daily interactions, not only for myself but also for the people I interact with. I learned that negotiation is about more than walking away with the biggest part of the pie, it is foremost about listening to your conversational partner, establishing common ground, creating value, and making sure you create a deal both parties can see themselves honouring. 


This debt I owe to LCMSA has motivated me to expand the reach of these teachings to other students so that they too can enjoy better and more successful interactions.

President - Jane Smolderen

Vice-President - Kevin Demol




The usefulness of a good mediation or negotiation cannot be underestimated.

If, for example, a dispute arises in the workplace or in daily private life, it makes it easy to avoid further conflict and thus to preserve the relationship. 

The solutions found in this way will often be lasting and qualitative, as opposed to short-term solutions that do not meet the needs of the parties.

At LCM SA, you will learn these essential lifelong skills!

HR - Idris Akgönul

Secretary General - Manou Gobert

Because of LCM SA, I was able to take my communication skills to a whole new level. During our program, students learn that communication is so much more than what meets the eye. It is about talking and listening, being empathic without losing your own assertiveness and keeping your emotions under control in matters of great importance.


Improving your negotiation and mediation skills will therefore not only benefit you, but also every counterparty you might ever have to communicate with. It will lead to a quicker understanding of the issue at hand, which allows you to come up with a solutions fitted for all parties involved.


As a board member, being part of LCM SA is giving others the opportunity to grow as much as we all did.



Negotiation is communication.

And there are as many styles of negotiation as there are ways of communication. That's why LCM SA shies away form 'one size fits all' -solutions and instead commits itself to going above and beyond clichés by teaching sustainable decision-making tactics.

By combining a solid theoretical, reflexive basis with practice-oriented simulations and extensive feedback sessions, eachh negotiator can develop and experiment freely within a controlled environment, while learning at the same time how to manage diverse and even unforeseen situations.

Our lessons are meant to exceed their own content. That's whatt we strive for.

As a Business Engineering student, I looked at negotiations as a competition between the parties on who could let the other party lose  the most. Being part of the negotiation track really changed my opinion on negotiating and my attitude towards people and problems. 

LCM SA taught me that being assertive is not synonymous to being disrespectful and not taking regard to otther people's problems. This was a very personal problem I was dealing with at the time, thinking that I am mean to people whenever i dare to say no.

Instead, they tell you how to approach the art of 'listening to people' and help you realise that sticking to your own desires does not eliminate the other party's demands. Moreover, LCM SA shows you that different objectives can mend new, unforeseen and even better solutions to mutual problems.


This healthy approach gave me a new perspective on people and problems as a whole. These new ways really helped me improve as a person, as the concepts are also applicable in your daily encounters with people and most importantly, it gives you insight on how you are yourself as a person and as a problem-solver;

Finance - Vincent De Cauwer

Partnerships - Charles Bekaert



We negotiate every day. Not only in a professional environment, but also in our personal lives. Therefore, a profound knowledge of negotiation can be advantageous for everybody.

The negotiation track offers an outstanding proggram that teaches the members how to negotiate and mediate in an ethical way. A combination of theoretical workshops and practical case sessions allows the members to exercise their skills in real-life situations with enough theoretical background.

Because of its interfaculty character, LCM SA gives you the opportunity to meet new people and to experience how students from various faculties apporach a negotiation differently.

Events - Lucy Ovelacq



Instead of teaching to be a devious shark that tears its opponent apart and grabs the victor’s loot in negotiation, LCM teaches principles.


We’re all about charisma, strategy, creativity, and coop-eration. After all, negotiation is a dance of trust – and it takes two to tango. Whatever your aim, LCM provides the tools to analyse and improve any situation, how to conjure up value out of nothing – and stand your ground if necessary.


We don’t have all the answers and results aren’t guaranteed, but the choice is yours: will you be a shark, or will you be a dancer?

Alumni - Lucas Van Damme





The tracks LCM SA offers are an opportunity to develop your soft skills and grow as a person. I believe the whole LCM-experience will help you achieve your wildest dreams and biggest goals.

Joining an LCM SA track will pull you out of your comfort zone while enriching your communication skills through a life-changing experience that  can help you contribute to a better world.

Marketing - Lina De Crop



One way or another, negotiation and mediation comes up everywhere. Whether it's to avoid the dishes or rather to close a business deal, there's no getting away from it. LCM SA teaches you new techniques to achieve the ultimate win-win solution.


With different workshops, competitions and personal feedback you will be trained to be a fully-fledged negotiator. Moreover, the interfaculty character ensures that you get to meet many new people with different backgrounds.


Therefore an experience that I would recommend to every student!

IT - Axel Desmet

Business Game Track - Michiel Notredame

Legal - Elliot Tondu

Partnerships - Laurens Vermeire

Events - Aline De Beir

Events - Jente Benaets

Partnerships - Pieter-Jan Anthonis

Competition Track - Aude Romain

Negotiation Track - Karlien Boyen




Negotiation Track, Advisory Board & Lecturer



Negotiation Track, Advisory Board & Lecturer

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Negotiation Track & Lecturer



Advisory Board & Lecturer












Advisory Board



Advisory Board



Advisory Board


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Advisory Board & Lecturer


Advisory Board & Lecturer

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