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Like it or not, you are a negotiator

Business Games (2017-2018 format)

The main ambition of this program is to prepare our students for a succesfull participation in several Business Games. This year, we are pleased to be working together with Capitant Leuven on the matter.

Each organization will deliver fifteen students in order to make teams containing one negotiator and one financial analyst. We believe that a spontaneous combination of those skills is a golden formula to score high marks and win prices.

All members of LCM Student Association will have the opportunity to apply for a seat. If the number of candidates exceeds the available places, we will organize an extra selection procedure.
This year we will be focussing on:

This program will consist of seven workshops:

  1. Team formation (by LCM Student Association)
  2. Analytical training (by Capitant Leuven)
  3. Negotiation and contract drafting (by LCM Student Association)
  4. Strategy (by Capitant Leuven)
  5. Marketing (by LCM Student Association)
  6. Innovation (by Capitant Leuven)
  7. Pitch (by LCM Student Association)