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Like it or not, you are a negotiator

"How to use your negotiation skills in the corporate world"

If you are reading this, you have probably already heard that knowing how to negotiate is a very useful skill to have in the business world. This is true! Each day you experience opportunities to use the toolset that you have painstakingly developed over the (...)            Read more

"Impressions of the ICC Competition 2018"

ICC Mediation Competition 2019 is coming! 

For seven days, in February next year, Paris will be the epicenter of mediation. The International Mediation Competition, organised by the ICC, will be taking place (...)                                          Read more

"Negotiating Your Oral Exam"

Knowing that we negotiate more often than we even realize it ourselves, why would this not include interacting with your professor during an oral exam? (...)


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"10 reasons why mediation is a genuine tool to resolve social conflicts"

The month November had some remarkable social conflicts in Belgium. BPost, Aviapartner, the ‘gilets jaunes’, etc. A trigger for us to reflect on how mediation and negotiation techniques can help to manage and resolve disputes. (...)              Read more

"The board is going flat"

The LCM Student Association is one of the youngest student organizations in the university life of Leuven. It started off as a small group of students who wanted to learn more about the art of negotiation, without the need for any further formalities. Hard work and a clear goal: to write a syllabus and to offer top-quality interactive workshops. (...)             Read more