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November 24th, 25th and 26th - Members Weekend

From Friday November 24th until Sunday November 26th, our Negotiation Track went to "het Bivakhuis Oostduinkerke" for our Members Weekend! It was the perfect opportunity to get to know our students with some teambuilding activities and get a breath of fresh air by the sea. We started off on Friday evening with a small acquaintance game "Wild Stories" and some drinks. 

On Saturday morning we woke up quite early to do some more teambuilding! Every member had to give three facts about themselves, and others had to guess which one was not true. After that, we prepared a big multi-party negotiation case. The case concerned a political conflict between several countries. It was a more complicated, multi-issue case and the members really gave their best to achieve agreement. Preparation turned out to be key in order to gain a strong starting position (no surprise there!) In the afternoon we continued by negotiating the case. 

At 4 o'clock, Lars Sudmann came over to give an interactive workshop on Self-leadership. We invited our Alumni as well! It was most interesting. How do you motivate yourself? How do you work most efficient and how do you reflect your own efforts? Lars Sudmann answered all our questions. For dinner we had a big spaghetti party, followed by a quiz and a dance-off with beverages and snacks. 

On Sunday, we did some lasershooting games in the Dunes of Oostduinkerke. We had lunch at our Bivak and prepared ourselves for the journey home. We had an amazing weekend, had a lot of fun and sure some friendships were forged that weekend!

November 7th - contrast Corporate Day

What a splendid way to spend a Tuesday! We had a blast at the contrast Coporate Day! Together with some students of the University of Leuven who were invited by contrast, all of our members competed a whole day against each other on a complex M&A-case. The case was written by contrast itself and was full of options, value creation-possibilities and tons of dubble layers and hidden information. In other words, all ingredients one could wish for to obtain a marvelous deal in the end. 

For the first time, our students were obliged to collaborate from a completely new point of view! They were divided into teams, which means that they had to defend their interests together with two other students at the same side of the table, against another trio. During the year we will add more elements to each negotiation, through a wide range of cases and exercices. This ensures a real-life approach, challenges the students and assures that the learning curve remains as steep and efficient as possible.

October 30th - Introduction to Negotiation II

The second workshop followed faster on the first than one could yell 'Empathy Loop'. During this workshop, Tom Vos and Ewout Goudsmedt took over from Tijs as they elaborated on the main concepts of the Negotiation Theory. Off all workshops this year, this one was probably the most intense, at least from a theoretical point of view. To make sure that every student mastered the main principles of the Negotiation Theory, Tom and Ewout really took their time to make sure everyone grasped the detail of every aspect. 

Nothing better to train their newly acquired insights than with exercises ofcourse! Once every chapter was covered decently - the students made preparations exquisitely - the time had come for a more thorough exercise. The students had a wonderful time and one thing is sure: More cases are following! Keep up the good work... and prepare, prepare, prepare!

October 26th - Introduction to Negotiation I

3, 2, 1,… and lift-off! On October 26th, Tijs Besieux gave the first workshop to our brand new students of the Negotiation Track. In his introductory workshop he tackled several more psychological issues of the Negotiation Theory. He also prepared some teambuilding excercises. This way, the students could get to know each other a little bit more. After all, they will have to work together and collaborate during multiple workshops this year. 

The board has done its homework too. Each student received its own copy of the Syllabus of LCM Student Association and the best-selling book of “Getting to Yes” which fully comprises an introductory and theoretical reading to the Integrative Negotiation Theory. Great prospectives for a year full of negotiation exercices!

October 10th - Info Event

"I am overwhelmed by your presence and I hope you will enjoy this wonderful evening!" - with those words, Ewout Goudsmedt officialy opened our Info Event on a cold October evening. In a trilogy of lectures, we tried to enthusiast everyone on the merit and importance of exquisite negotiation skills. Professor Verbeke took the lead, as he elaborated on the basic principles of the Negotiation Theory. The second speaker was Tijs Besieux. He brought seven statements to the floor and talked about his own experiences as a negotiator, and how it helped him to become a better professional. 

Lastly, Ewout informed the audience about the changes to our organization which were implemented over the summer. He announced our renewed Negotiation Track and launched a brand-new platform FoxNet for all our members, together with an official Alumni Network! Besides that, we have a scoop for you as well: this year we will be accepting no less than 36 students (instead of the original 25) to our reformed Negotiation Track.

September 25th - Watch our 2016-2017 Promo video!

July 1st - Board Transition Completed!

After a thorough board election and board reform, we proudly announce that our management transition has been finalized. We wish the new team the best of luck in all their endeavors! We would also like to thank the previous board and especially Laura van Kruijsdijk for her leadership and everlasting perseverance this year. We wish you all the best!
Front: Astrid Jadot, Ewout Goudsmedt, Cédric Bruyninckx

May 23th - Difficult Tactics with Prof. Alain Laurent Verbeke

Last workshop for our Beginner Track this year! A lecture on Difficult Tactics by one else than our own Prof. Alain Laurent Verbeke of the Leuven Center for Collaborative Management. In a two hour course, he explained all the finesses on how to get your counterparty to collaborate with you in a constructive way.  We would like to thank Prof. Verbeke for his devoted coaching and guidance throughout the years.

Afterwards Tom Vos, PhD. and LCM SA-Alumnus, prepared some fishbowls. This way our students could practice their previously acquired skills right away. Our gratitude goes out to him too. His enthusiasm for our association seems to be inexhaustible. Thank you Tom!

May 15th - Alumni workshop on Vocal Training

Our yearly Alumni workshop was all about body language, and more specifically: how to use your voice at its full potential. Valerie Van Roey, a professional Voice Coach, taught our Alumni all there is to know about the advanced skill of eloquence. It was astounding how much improvement you can make in delivering a message, when you have realized how to control your voice profoundly. You can follow Valerie's work via her Facebookpage and website.

Thank you Valerie for your expertise and commitment. We hope to see you again next year!

April 9th - Backroom Negotiations with Baron Frans van Daele

On April 9th we welcomed more than 400 students for our yearly open lecture. It was a big success. During an interactive two hour lecture, Baron Frans van Daele reflected on his experiences in politics and diplomacy, and how he could link them with negotiation. Thank you all for coming, we hope to see you next year!

April 25th - Corporate M&A-day with contrast

contrast, main partner of LCM Student Association, organized an interactive M&A workshop for a selection of our motivated students. A little bus picked us up in Leuven and drove us all the way to the main offices of contrast in Zaventem. 

After we enjoyed breakfast, we competed against each other on a M&A Negotiation Case. It was one of the finest workshops this year, full of strategy, tactics and adjustable considerations. It was a very challenging, intense day and it gave great satisfaction closing the deals.

Congratulations also to Eva Houtave and Michiel Fraussen, two members of the winning negotiation team and to Jeroen Vanderstukken for winning a special acknowledgement as best non-lawyer negotiator! 

April 18th - Dealmaking Caseday with Degroof Petercam

On the third Tuesday of April, 45 students challenged each other during our Dealmaking Case Day, for which we collaborated with Bank Degroof Petercam this year. 

Starting from 2 p.m., the students were taught a crash course in negotiation skills and strategic management. Followed by a fictive M&A-case wherein one party tried to sell its assets to four different interested parties, each with their own strenghts and liabilities. 

We had set up three different runs, and it was astonishing to observe how every group ended up with a completely different outcome. Nevertheless, at 8 p.m., every team had found its own creative solution. And most important: they all had a wonderful time! See you next year!

February 17th & 18th - Solvay Business Game: The full results (update)

Strategy Challenge by Degroof Petercam: 1st, 2nd and 8th place
Marketing Challenge by Unilever: 1st and 8th place
Negotiation Challenge by BDO Belgium: 1st and 4th place
Pitch Challenge by McKinsey Belgium & Luxembourg: 3rd and 10th place

(front - fltr: Elisabeth, Charlotte, Eva, Ellen, Laurence, Sébastien, David, Michiel, Matthias)

(back - fltr: Karolien, Oskar, Thomas, Jeroen, Tim, Ewout, Vincent, Jan, Pieter)

February 17th & 18th - Solvay Business Game (Contest Track)

In the weekend of the 18th of February, our Contest Track went to Brussels to participate in the Solvay Business Game, one of the biggest Business Games in Europe. We had a wonderful time competing against two hunderd other participants from all over the world. 

While we are still awaiting the full results with honorary places included, we can already announce that three of our teams won three out of four of all the challenges (!) LCM Student Association kind of won the Solvay Business Game! We even had a team who got to battle in the finale round:

Here are all the winning teams!

  • Laurence van Cauwenberghe won the Negotiation Challenge by BDO Belgium
  • David Wouters and Thomas Boucherie won the Strategy Challenge by Degroof Petercam
  • Jeroen Vanderstukken and Sébastien Desmet won the Marketing Challenge by Unilever and even participated in the final round, the Eloquence Challenge by McKinsey & Company.

We want to congratulate all our teams for all their time and effort to make the best of all their projects during the Solvay Business Game. We are enormously proud and we are looking forward to the upcoming Business Games that are around the corner. Stay tuned!

(fltr: Thomas Boucherie, Jeroen Vanderstukken, Marie Vander Stichele, Laurence van Cauwenberghe, David Wouters, Sébastien Desmet)

November 28th - Mediation by Theo De Beir

On Monday 28th of November, we had the honor inviting Theo De Beir to host an intensely fascinating session about the principles of Mediation for our Beginner Track. Our students were impressed by his passion an dedication. We are convinced that Mr. De Beir managed to sparkle some fire among our students to pursue a mediating career later themselves. We are much grateful towards Theo De Beir and Agrementor for supporting us since the early days. We hold our collaboration with them extermely high.

November 26th and 27th - Bucerius Mediation Moot

In the last weekend of November, a delegation of our Advanced Track (fltr. Alexander Wenzel, Emilio Geysels, Tom Vos and Ewout Goudsmedt) travelled to the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, to participate in the Bucerius Mediation Moot; an international pre-round for the ICC Mediation Week in Paris.

It is with much pride that we can announce that they made into the finals and came back home to Leuven with silver medals around their necks! Congratulations guys, keep up the good work!

We also would like to express our gratitude to Laga, who made our trip to Hamburg possible. We have genuinely appreciated their support during our collaboration. 

November 12th and 13th - Members Weekend

The second weekend of November, Oostduinkerke's Bivakhuis prepared itself for the LCM SA-storm. At dawn on Saturday, you could already sense our vibe hovering between the dunes: We were ready. An epic negotiation case, several group binding activities, a challenging quiz and one party later, we were ready for the big apotheosis. A legendary battle of latershooting in a post-apocalyptic dune with remnants of an army base. Defying a local downpour, we had a thrilling campaign and a wonderful weekend. Definitely worth repeating! (who knows?)

November 3rd - Introduction II: The Negotiation Theory

Upon the beginning of November, we held our second introduction workshop about the Negotiation Theory. It would prove to be an intense evening with an exciting divorce case to test the newly acquired principle in practice. Bull's eye! The students rose above themselves and proved that throughout integrative negotiation, any conflict can be resolved. Way to go guys, we are looking forward to the next encounter!

October 27th - Introduction I: Negotiation 101

On Thursday October 27th, our first clinic for the Beginner Track took place. Prof. Tijs Besieux welcomed the students as they were his own kids. Introducing the first principles of intergrative negotiation and a fish bowl for a more practical approach, the students took their first baby steps as a true negotiator. Maintaining a good old habit, we concluded our evening at d'Entreprise for some drinks.

October 11th - Info Event // Movie Night - We had a blast!

More than 200 students showed up last tuesday to attend our Info Event & Movie Night. What a wonderful evening! We are so grateful to have met so many astonishing people. We were blown away by the enthousiasm they showed us to apply for a membership in our organization this year. 

Our biggest gratitude goes out to contrast. Without them, this memorable night would have never been possible.

We are eagerly awaiting all your sollicitations!

October 11th - Info Event // Movie Night

We are thrilled to present to you this year's Recruitment Event! Are you interested in LCM Student Association? Do you want to know more about negotiation? Or do you just want to find out what we do exactly? Join us on the 11th of October at Kinepolis Leuven!

Our biggest gratitude goes out to contrast, who we can proudly call our main partner this year.  

We hope to see you there!

Registration is mandatory in order to attend our event.

April 28th - Open Lecture 'High-risk Negotiation': Full House! (update)

We are very delighted to announce that our open lecture about 'High-risk Negotiation' could entice more than 300 students. Our two guest speakers, An Baeyens and Tom van der Spiegel, entertained and fascinated us for more than two hours about their experience on the premises; respectively about 'Crisis negotiation' (hostage negotiation) and 'Negotiation on the battlefield'. We owe them our greatest gratitude. 

Shout out to everyone who participated and collaborated in this marvelous adventure. 

We also want to thank LCM in particular, for their inimitable support.

See you all next year!

High-risk Negotiation LCM Student Association

April 28th - Company Visit Contrast

April 28th turned out to be a real LCM SA-day: We did not only organize our Open Lecture about HIGH-RISK NEGOTIATION, our members of the Beginners Track also had the great opportunity to no negotiate a M&A-case at the offices of the law firm Contrast. We want to thank them for this well-organized workshop. We felt very welcome.

Everyone did an amazing job during the thorough negotiations. Special congratulations go to Marijke and Maarten for winning the prize for "Best Negotiation Team". We also want to congratulate Laurens with his "Honorable Mention" for best non-lawyer. Last but not least, we want to thank all the coaches of Contrast who mentored our members during this unique experience. We had a wonderful time.

Photos: (c) Contrast

April 28th - Open Lecture 'High-risk Negotiation'

On April 28th we organize our yearly open lecture. This year we chose the subject 'high-risk negotiation'. We invited two speakers with a lot of experiene concerning this matter. Each of them will talk approximately one hour about a specific aspect of 'high-risk negotiation'. 

Our first guest is federal police officer An Baeyens. She is head of the the department of Observation and coordinator-negotiator. She will talk about hostage negotiation.

The second speaker is Tom van der Spiegel. He is a military negotiator who has a lot of experience in negotiating with rebels and militia, which he gained in Afghanistan and Iraq.

We are really thrilled and are looking forward to see you there!

April 21th -  The Hague Institute for Innovating Justice

On Thursday, April 19 the advanced track of LCM Student Association visited the HiiL Innovating Justice in The Hague. HiiL helps to turn the most promising and disruptive ideas into effective innovations by bringing together the best legal experts, cutting-edge technology and new types of funding. 

We were warmly welcomed by Corry Van Zeeland, Head of the Justice Innovation Lab. First, we discussed about a huge ongoing mediation process in the textile industry. Secondly, we participated in a consensus building exercise. And finally we were introduced to rechtswijzer.uitelkaar ( Rechtswijzer.uitelkaar is an extremely innovative, online divorce platform which is loaded with principled negotiation elements such as objective criteria, anchoring, active listening…

In a nutshell, we experienced a great day at HiiL. We are looking forward to visiting our colleagues in The Hague again (or the other way around).

April 19th - Company visit Van de Wiele

On Tuesday 19th we had the honor to meet one of Belgium's greatest enterpreuners: Charles Beauduin. At his company, Van De Wiele, we were given a tour around the factory to get some more insights on how the company works and what it exactly does. But the best part had yet to come: after we enjoyed a delicious walking dinner, we had to opportunity to re-negotiate a case on hard tactics that Mr. Beauduin had to go through himself. And it was astonishingly fascinating. Mr. Beauduin taught us a lot about how to stay calm and keep an overview in a stressful situation. 

Thank you very much for the amazing experience!

March 31th - April 5th - The Negotiation Challenge (Vienna)

Last Easter holidays we participated for the first time in an international negotiation competition: The Negotiation Challenge. We are not waiting for it: it was legendary! We really had a wonderful time. We met marvelous people who gave us the opportunity to level up our negotiation skills. Thank you for the memorable experience! See you next year in Bogota?

March 18th 2016 - LCC Leuven Case Competition

Clichés confirmed: There is no second victory lap without a third for Thomas and Pieter! Last weekend they won the LCC - Leuven Case Competition last week!

What a streak guys, what a team! Congratulations!
Leuven Case Competition LCM Student Association

March 12th 2016 - LSM-Cup

What a weekend! 

After Pieter Alliët and Thomas Brusselaers ended high in ranking on Solvay Business Game last weekend, we are honored to tell you that they just won the Innovation Challenge and finished 4th in the final ranking of the LSM Cup. 

Congratulations boys! 

Keep it up!

March 5th 2016 - Solvay Business Games

The weekend of friday March 4th and saturday 5th, we have participated with several teams in the Solvay Business Game.

We are very proud to announce that in the final ranking:

  • Elise and Laura finished 3rd in the Negotiation Challenge,
  • Bernard and Victor (AFC) finished 6th in the Marketing Challenge

We want to congratulate all the teams with their incredible achievements.
Way to go guys!

A special thank you goes out to our colleagues of AFC Leuvenwith whom we collaborated to prepare ourselves for the Business Games Season. We are looking forward co-operating with them in the future!

February 25th - Company visit Materialise

At 25th February we visited Materialise, one of Belgium’s most innovative enterprises and one of the world leading companies dealing with 3D printing. Completely introduced in the process of this new technology we had a guided tour trough the premises. We were absolutely astonished by the possibilities this method has to offer. Afterwards we exchanged our views on the difficulties of corporate negotiations and discussed two cases concerning corporates in financial needs.
Materialise LCM Student Association