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Like it or not, you are a negotiator

We are proud of our alumni. Therefore we dedicate this page to this network of talented professionals. On the following page you can see the amount of members and their educational diversity of the last 5 years.

The year 2014 is the start of LCM SA. 26 members from 6 faculties joined LCM SA to develop their negotiation skills. Given their enthusiasm about the unique mix of theory and practice taught in LCM SA by professionals, this organisation has a promising future. Over the following years we will see that students of Law, Economics and Business and Engineering Science are always represented in LCM SA. 

In the second year of LCM SA, again 26 members joined the negotiation track from 6 different faculties. Notice the increasing diversity in faculties. Even a student from the Royal Military Academy (RMA) joins.

In the third year of LCM SA, the first student from Pharmaceutical Sciences joins. Again 6 faculties are represented.

Given the increasing interest for the negotiation track of LCM SA, the amount of members grows to 31, representing 6 different faculties. The program is becoming more and more successful with business trips and competitions.

After 5 years of existence, LCM SA is growing even bigger given the increasing popularity. With 36 students, representing 9 faculties, the diversity is only increasing and so are the mutual leanings. This amount of members was experienced as an optimum and will be maintained over the following years. This is also the first year that the portion of Law students is less than half. With currently 144 alumni, we look forward to the upcoming years!