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Like it or not, you are a negotiator

Meet our team

During the past few weeks, the brand-new LCM SA board has been busy. They aspire to bring the soon to be new members another great year of negotiation and overall engaging activities. Our goal is to teach our students how to negotiate integratively (...)                                     Read more 

Info event invitation for alumni

Dear Alumni, you are all hereby invited to join us at our info event on 30th September. Currently, this is set to take place in the (...)                  Read more

Meet the board

During the past few weeks, the brand-new LCM SA board has been busy. They aspire to bring the soon to be new members another great year of negotiation and overall engaging activities. Our goal is to teach our students how to negotiate integratively (...)                     Read more

Negotiation Track 19-20

For the sixth time in LCM SA history, we unroll the Negotiation Track. This forms the core of our activities. As 36 eager students join the student association, we train and coach them to become advanced negotiators. (...)                         Read more

A small note to all alumni

Dear Alumni, Your time is a finite resource. Therefore, LCM SA will offer you quality time with your good old friends from the Negotiation Track. Yes, the ones you spent those evenings with learning how to master negotiation.

More info coming soon.

Initiation in mediation

After elaborating on the principles of negotiation, the members are primed for the next stage in their training process: learning to become a mediator. Mediation is an alternative to negotiation and comprises next to two parties, which have a dispute, (...)                           Read more

The finals of the business games

The beginning of March included two major business games. Both Leuven Case Competition and Solvay Business Game were held within just one week. This, in turn, marked the grand finale of our Business Games Project. This is our experience!                               Read more

The grand finale of the business games project

After the finals of the Leuven Case Competition and the Solvay Business Game, our Business Game Project has come to an end. At least for now! Based on the feedback and our experience, we expect it to stay for many years to come. Read more

Members weekend II

For the first time, LCM SA organized a member weekend during the second semester in the city we call home: Leuven. Again, almost all members and board were present, and it appeared to become an unforgettable (...)                        Read more

Soft skills during real-life negotiations

On the 2nd of March, Jo Janssens taught us about the importance of soft skills during negotiations. He is a renowned speaker and has 15 years of experience in change-management. His background in psychology allows him to analyze the conversation from a meta-perspective. Here is a brief overview of his lecture.             Read more

LCC First Round: Check!

The first round of Leuven Case Competition took place on the 7th of March. It was the first business-oriented competition of the year for many of us. Especially the members who participated in the Business Game Project had been looking forward to this event for over half a year. Let’s find out how their experience was.  The Leuven Case Competition is (...)                            Read more

Let the games begin!

The Business Games Project has grown a lot over the last years. Now, it is a collaborations between five student organizations. Each of them brings its very own specialization to the table. The purpose of the project is to prepare members for several (...)          Read more

The LCM SA experience

With the first semester wrapping up, the time has come to look back. We asked our members to share their impressions on the workshops in the first semester. Here are a couple of thoughts on how they experienced the (...)                 Read more

On the 13th of November, we gave a workshop to the KULMUN members. It is a great opportunity to learn from each other and to improve our reach. Now, to outsiders it may look like the specializations of our associations are fairly similar. (...)                              Read more

From Friday the 26th October until Sunday the 28th October, our first member weekend took place. With almost all the members and board present, it was a great success and an experience we will not forget anytime soon. (...)           Read more

On the 27th October 2018, on an early Saturday morning, LCM SA was sucked into a time machine. Our captain: Rik Vera. He took us on a journey, where we looked at the past and headed to the far future. What seems unlikely, or even impossible, might just be our (...)               Read more

It’s Friday the 16th of November. 6:45 am. A delegation of our case team gathers at Lei 6, ready to make the trip to Hamburg. They are going to compete in the Bucerius Mediation Moot. This Moot is an international preparatory gathering for students who want to train for the big goal: The ICC mediation (...)     Read more

A sneak peek behind our Info Event

On Monday October 1st we kicked off our new working year with our yearly info event. This year even bigger than before: as it was our 5th lustrum year, you could find us in the unique surroundings of the M-museum. With great attendance and tasty bites, we’re happy (...)               Read more

Report: Introduction to Negotiation I

After a couple of weeks of heavy selection procedures, the 36 lucky ones who were selected for the Negotiation Track finally met. Tijs Besieux, one of the researchers of LCM, was present to inspire the new members. As well as giving them a first experience (...)                          Read more

At 8:00, we arrived in Brussels. We were kindly greeted by the organizers who showed us around and gave us an overview of the planning. In the morning, we were expected to help at the reception.  It may sound dull, but we genuinely enjoyed it! As the hundreds of mediators walked in, (...)           Read more

The application procedure 2018-2019

The start of the new academic year is a fact, and so is the start of the application procedure of our Negotiation Track 2018-2019. We are delighted to see that students from almost every single faculty in Leuven has pre-registered. The LCM SA message (...) Read more

Contest Track (...), what's in a name?

A few years ago, our organization made it a priority to compete in as many competitions as possible. The reasoning behind it was clear-cut: practice makes perfect. "There is no better scenario possible than the one of being forced to cooperate on a project with strangers under time pressure. Particularly in those circumstances, the (...)         Read more

Behind the scenes: Members Weekend

The LCM SA members weekend has been a tradition for the last three years. During one of the first weekends of the academic year, our members go on a two days trip. Here, they get to know each other in a fun and different environment. This year however, there are big plans! A second (...)  Read more

Meet the new board!

Despite the absence of lectures and finals for a while, not literally all students are enjoying their holidays in absolute peace. Behind the curtains, the new board of LCM SA has been busy preparing everything for the upcoming academic year (...)                         Read more

Provisional layout Negotiation Track

The promise to inform possible future members as soon as possible about our preparations, starts here. You can find the provisional layout of next year’s Negotiation Track in the schedule hereunder. Note that we are still elaborating on some collaborations with external partners (...)                     Read more

On the 28th of July, LCM SA held its last major preparatory meeting. We take you with us behind the scenes, as we go through the course of the day. As always, preparation is key. We already met during Spring Break, where we drafted the first timeline (...)            Read more