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Like it or not, you are a negotiator

Meet the board

During the past few weeks, the brand-new LCM SA board has been busy. They aspire to bring the soon to be new members another great year of negotiation and overall engaging activities. Our goal is to teach our students how to negotiate integratively and ethically. Each board member is responsible for a specific domain within LCM SA. This encourages peer-to-peer management and leadership. Therefore, we are very pleased to introduce you to this very diverse team of ten enthusiastic and ambitious students who are working really hard on managing LCM SA and its values! We allow for everyone to elucidate what motivates them to be part of LCM SA.

Rhunne Janssens & Gaya Mooens

Rhunne and Gaya are respectively master students in Law and Psychology at the KULeuven. Rhunne gained a lot of useful experience by participating in the recruitment team last year and Gaya is currently interning as a HR consultant. These two combine their strengths to form a dynamic HR duo, perfectly suited for LCM SA.

Arnold De Maeyer

Arnold is a very determined student in Business Engineering at the KULeuven and will be the director of Finance this year.

Arto Vera

Arto is a master student in Business Engineering at KULeuven. Based on the experience he has built over the years; he will organize and be responsible for the Negotiation Track this year.

Bart Willems

Being a very entrepreneurial master student in Law at the KULeuven, Bart will arrange the Public Relations with partners, among others.

Emma Vandepitte

Emma is a master student in Law at the KULeuven. As she has been in LCM SA for a while now, she is just the ideal person to support the internal communication of LCM SA.

Holger Willems

Holger freshly graduated in Engineering Sciences and will now enter the work life as co-founder of relu, which offers AI solutions for healthcare. As former education coordinator at VTK, Holger will do an excellent job in maintaining the relations with our appreciated alumni.

John Heymans

John is studying Bioscience Engineering at the KULeuven and has founded CIVIX, which makes him just the right guy to be responsible for Collaborations and Marketing.

Maarten Pieck

Maarten is a master student in Mathematical Engineering at the KULeuven. As a former Knowledge Director for LCM SA, he truly knows what we stand for. Therefore, Maarten will arrange and be responsible for competitions this year.

Michelle Thewissen

Michelle has graduated as a master’s in Communication Sciences at the KULeuven and is now pursuing an Extended Master’s in General Management at Vlerick. Since she gained experience in organizing events at internships, she will be responsible for Events within LCM SA.