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LCC First Round: check!

The first round of Leuven Case Competition took place on the 7th of March. It was the first business-oriented competition of the year for many of us. Especially the members who participated in the Business Game Project had been looking forward to this event for over half a year. Let’s find out how their experience was.

The Leuven Case Competition is organized by Ekonomika. Together with their partners they find real-life business problems and present them to the students. Over 1000 students compete in the first round in order to showcase their skills and come up with the most lucrative and innovative idea. This is a broad case which acts as a selection to limit the number of students to only 200 for the main event.

This year, the case was provided by Dell. The company, which is well known for computer related matters, is expanding its business to focus on the Internet of Things. These changes to our day-to-day lives are accompanied with a lot of challenges for the industry. Therefore, the students were given a case to exploit business opportunities in this new market. Dell confronted us with many different questions, ranging from the positioning on the market to the internal structure of its branch.

We asked our members to share their experiences. Here is what they said:

“The competition was a great learning experience. As a team, we had to cooperate well, even in a time-pressured environment. Individually, I got to play to my strengths and overcame the pressure to present in front of business professionals.”

“To think creatively while a clock is ticking down rapidly is tough. In very little time you must come up with a novel idea. The relief after we made the deadline was wonderful. Overall, it was a great experience and a perfect preparation for the Solvay Business Game.”

We also asked them to describe the hardest part to overcome during a business game:

“Our main pitfall was our lack of structure. We didn’t make a clear time schedule, which made everything very chaotic towards the end.”

“As the case was very broad, it was a real challenge not to get lost in the details. We had to find a clear balance between keeping an overall complete story while also being sufficiently specific.”

At the moment of writing, the main Case Day is still yet to take place. On the 14th of March, there will be three different challenges, all provided by a different partner. Unilever will present a marketing case which mostly tests the creativity of the students. McKinsey & Company’s case is specific to determine a competitive strategy, as a board of directors would. Finally, Microsoft presents the Tech case, where students will be tested to come up with a disruptive product or service.

This weekend, we will find out who will be competing on the 14th. Fingers crossed!