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Report: Members weekend II

For the first time, LCM SA organized a member weekend during the second semester in the city we call home: Leuven. Again, almost all members and board were present, and it appeared to become an unforgettable weekend once again.

The advantage of staying in Leuven is that we could kick-off the weekend very soon. At 6 pm Friday evening, all members were present for the first tradition we had to honor: eat pizza and have a beer! After this cozy dinner, the members were ready for some teambuilding activities in which some competitiveness was processed. 

First, some small exercises in which the members had to combine knowledge and cooperation in order to succeed. Next a major activity, which consisted of executing 40 different little activities in one hour. It was heartwarming to see how eager the members were to win the game. After the last drink, we were ready to get some rest to commence the main activities on Saturday with a clear mind.

Saturday morning started immediately with an old tradition: a key-note speaker. Everyone was intrigued by the message and the public speaking skills of Jo Janssens, a crisis manager with a passion for negotiation. If you are interested in the content, please read the separate article. After having lunch and some discussion about the speaker, the members were ready for the real job: a case session. During this session, the members encountered some different cases, in which they exercised both their negotiation skills and learned more about themselves. Simultaneously, the board was finetuning the activities for the evening.