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Like it or not, you are a negotiator

Let the games begin!

The Business Games project has grown a lot over the last years. Now, it is a collaboration between 5 different student associations. Each of them brings another specialization to the table. The whole of the project aims to prepare members for SBG, LCC, etc.

Let’s start off by introducing the 5 different associations. They are AFC, Capitant, Ekonomika, Emergent and of course LCM SA. All have a very strong pool of knowledge that could prove essential during a business game. The combination of pitching, finance, business, analytics, and negotiation is the core of most business games.

The two main business games this track is focused on are the Solvay Business Game and the Leuven Case Competition. The former consists of 6 different challenges, being the online challenge, marketing challenge, strategy challenge, negotiation challenge, pitch challenge and finally the eloquence challenge. The final one is exclusively for the best-scoring teams. LCC, on the other hand, is focused on the innovation aspect in business cases. The scoring is done based on a pitch, explaining their solutions.

This year, we have opted that each associated is limited to about 5 participating members. This is done so that the workshops can remain interactive. Then, during the first workshop, the teams for the business games were formed. The goal here was to find people with compatible knowledge and with good chemistry between them. The challenges are under time pressure, but the stress should not get the better of teamwork.

Four different workshops have already taken place. The first was the group forming session as mentioned before. The other three were workshops given by Emergent, LCM SA and Capitant. These treated the SBG selection test, introduction to negotiation and building a business case respectively.

It is already confirmed that the participating groups are selected for the SBG. So, our congratulations to all of them! They had to fill in a computer test, where they were competing with 1.032 total applicants for just 400 places. Fun fact: the applicants come from 66 nationalities and 142 universities.

For the second semester, the workshops of AFC and Ekonomika are still planned. We are looking forward to learning more about pitching and other things they have in store. Preparation is key and prepared we will be.