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LCM SA at the seaside

From Friday the 26th October until Sunday the 28th October, our first member weekend took place. With almost all the members and board present, it was a great success and an experience we will not forget anytime soon.

By tradition, we went to Oostduinkerke during the first semester so that our members could get to know each other. We deem it very important that there is a good atmosphere within our association. After all, we originated from a group of friends who were eager to learn. And we aspire to stay that way. Not only that, but we also believe that it contributes to faster learning, as the members are more likely to give feedback to one another if they know them well.

It all started on Friday evening. With the traffic being typically Belgian, we all were glad to finally be there. The idea for the rest of the evening was to get installed in the rooms and get a sense of ease. We did some speed dating, ate some pizzas and enjoyed a beer.

Saturday was the main day of the weekend as we had to depart early on Sunday. We started off with a healthy breakfast and some fresh air. Although the weather conditions were rough to say the least, some even went for a swim in the sea. 

By the time they returned, our guest speaker was installed. We had the pleasure of welcoming Rik Vera for a lecture about the managers of the future, and much more. For more information, read the separate article. Our members were fascinated by the topics, and during lunch, many discussions were held.

In the afternoon it was time for the very first true case session for our members. They paired-up per two and started preparing. We were already very happy with the process and the results. Of course, some workshops like the “body language” or “dealing with difficult tactics” are still desirable.

Later that evening we held a little game. Every member had to share a special occurrence in their life they had to share. However, three students were obligated to lie about theirs. It was then up to the group to find out who was lying and who was telling the truth. Many touching and spectacular stories were shared.

We still had a couple of things planned. We had a quiz planned to challenge our knowledge. Once again, this proved the added value of an interfaculty student association. Where some excelled in the riddles, others nailed the political and historical questions.

Even after all this, the night was still young. In true student spirit, we went out to the Possé. It was a very fun night and the atmosphere was great. Great people, good music and a bit to drink, what more can you need?

Sadly, all good things come to an end. On Sunday morning we enjoyed a last breakfast, cleaned the place and headed home.

So, the member weekend was a huge success. There was a very cozy feeling and lots of friendships were founded. The memories will stay with us for a long time. This story will surely continue during the rest of the year and especially in the 2nd member weekend. See you all again soon!