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Like it or not, you are a negotiator

Lift-off! A sneak peek behind our Info Event

On Monday October 1st we kicked off our new working year with our yearly info event. This year even bigger than before: as it was our 5th lustrum year, you could find us in the unique surroundings of the M-museum. With great attendance and tasty bites, we’re happy to label this a successful evening once again.

The event started with a presentation lead by professor Euwema, a professor at the faculty of Psychology and Pedagogic sciences. He is on the board of KU Leuven’s LCM research group, that has supported our student association from the start. With his interactive speech, he underlined the importance of negotiation for every person, regardless of your future career. The fact that conflicts happen on a daily basis, even when you’re not aware you’re in one (because you can’t be sure the other party experiences it the same way), marks the importance of knowing how to handle them properly. 

Professor Euwema provided a first introduction to LCM SA’s core values. Creating value, the importance of actively listening and empathy are key aspects that we esteem highly, and we enjoyed the professor’s way of introducing them through relatable examples and stories.

It was a lovely location for an Info Event. The presentations gave a very clear view about what LCM SA is all about and what is expected of the members. There was a very cosy atmosphere on the stylish reception afterwards, and the members of LCM SA were very friendly and helpful to answer all our questions. It was the ideal way to get to know LCM SA in a fun and informal environment.”

Fien Cuypers

At the end of the night, there were two alumni who came to share their experiences at LCM SA and how it has impacted both their personal as their professional life. Bernard Snyers shared his experiences as notarial assistant, where familial conflicts can be heated and loaded with emotions, and his capacity for creative problem solving can be put to use on a daily basis. Niels Äpr, graduated in psychology, thanked LCM SA for discovering a new aspect of his personality through the business cases. After the Solvay Business Games, his interest in the consultancy world grew and he eventually even started to work as a consultant.

After the presentations, there was a lovely reception filled with board members and alumni where new potential members had the opportunity to ask all their questions and share their concerns. It pleased us to hear how many people were impressed with what we do and were interested to join what they called a close and motivated group.