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Behind the scenes: Members Weekend

The LCM SA Members Weekend has been a tradition for the last three years. During one of the first weekends of the academic year, our members go on a two days trip. Here, they get to know each other in a fun and different environment. This year however, there are big plans! We noticed that our members really enjoyed the teambuilding and bonding with their peers. From this year on, we will be organizing a second weekend during the second semester. Let us start off with what the Members Weekend is and has been for the last couple of years.

Usually, we gather on Friday evening at our “secret” location. Over the past years, this has been either near the sea (Oostduinkerke Hoge Duin) or in an Abbey (Abdij Kortenberg). 

The weekend is filled with activities. Ranging from introductory games to a guest lecture, we really try to give a wide variety of dealings. The idea is to bring all LCM SA members closer to each other and thus increasing the team spirit. Since our students come from all faculties, many of of them start our Negotiation Track without knowing anyone. Besides that, we have noticed that the Members Weekend is a great tool to make fast progress in the learning experience.

By being in another environment, away from all the due dates, deadlines and obligations, our members can truly focus on our organization and their core negotiation skills. Combining this with some teambuilding activities to loosen up, in a beautiful environment, the Members Weekend has always been something to look forward to. 

This year, we have even bigger plans. Not only will we improve upon the previous Members Weekend, we also will organize a second one. The latter will take place in Leuven. The idea is similar, yet the focus changes. Where the first one is primarily to introduce the members to each other, and to LCM SA, the second one is mainly to improve their skills even further. We are going to achieve this with for example interactive lectures of the LCM Research Team. So all in all, the location of our next Members Weekend might be a secret, but that it is going to be amazing is not.